ebru art inspired by nature

ABOut us

My name is Valarummathy Nagamuthu and I am an Ebru artist. I am studying in this wonderful tradition in The Netherlands, Germany and Turkey.


In Turkey this Ebru Art was developed to incredible heights. I honor the tradition of the great masters from Şebek Efendi in the 17th century to Hezarfen Edhem Efendi and his student Hezarfen Necmeddin Okyay with his sons Sami and Sacid Okyay; all the way to the 21st Century with Mustafa Düzgünman and his student Niyazi Sayın, and all the contemporary teachers who find their source in them - and continue the genuine tradition of Ebru Art.

what we do

I am an Ebru artist of balance. Searching for harmony between natural forces and movement, in combination with space.

Ebru Art touches my emotions and sense of balance in my life. It offers space to linger for reflection and resonance. It is pleasant to allow for space - this is where I can breathe or fly around if I wish.

In Ebru Art I look for what we share , the beauty of nature and how she speaks to us and manifests herself.

Colors always fascinate me. Each one has its own character - very much like a human being in fact.

You cannot force them to co-operate, rather work with them and let them point you the way. They will show the best direction to take at that moment.

Of course I have an inspiration when I pick up the brush - but the final result is always a surprise and always unique!


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In my WEBSHOP you will find Ebru Art for sale, and I also do demonstrations and workshops for groups up to 8 participants.



The new studio and gallery of Moon Cloud Art - The EBRU CENTER HOLLAND - can be visited in Terborg in the province of Gelderland, The Netherlands.



The gallery features my Ebru Art, as well as contemporary modern Dutch artists such as Ru van Rossem and Harmen Kooistra - through our collaboration with Esmare Kunstkabinet from Gouda.