Ebru Art - or 'Cloud Art' is the reflection of nature in a tray with thickened water - through the dance of the paints.


Everything about Ebru Art is natural: the water is thickened with seaweed extract; the brushes are made from rosewood and horsehair; the ox-gall from the cow; the pigments from the earth - refined, crushed and prepared for months - to land on the paper from the plant-fibers. 


In Ebru Art you move between worlds, depending on the rhythm of the brush, the strength in your hands and the mood of the colors and the water. You travel from the microscopic world of cells to the infinite space of galaxies. The swirls in the water, the cracks in lava, the cool face of marble-stone or the unflinching eye of a tiger. 


This is where Ebru Art takes you - to every level of creation, into all the realms of the mind, shape-shifting and infinitely rich and creative. You meet yourself there - and all others. It is ever welcome to everyone!